Have you tried to be nice to people, but they were plain rude? Yes, and vice versa ! When you were rude to them, they turned out to be nice! This should be the anomaly, however, it isn’t. The anomaly is actually when you’re polite and respectful and the other party returns the favour. It has become an incident so rare that when it actually happens, I feel that I’ve seriously lucked out.

I’ve often heard this question, “How do you be nice to people? They are only polite and respectful to you when you inject fear in them. When you are nice to them, they have no fear of you, hence, putting you are the mercy of their emotions.”

Sadly yes, this is the state of service in K.L. Sometimes, I walk into the shop wondering if I was the one paying or the service staff were the ones paying ! Somehow, the service staff in K.L. have managed to reverse all equations in customer service. Here, customers are taught to pay to receive crappy services coupled with stinking attitudes. When will companies start training their staff seriously? When will the companies be able to drill into the heads of their staff that no matter WHO it is that they are serving, each and every contact point must be a PLEASANT one.

Imagine you’re at the counter, ready to order. The staff just stares at you and moves his head up. You’re standing there wondering if this guy’s mute. Then, he punches in your order and waits for you to pay. The entire transaction ends without a beep, except for the beep in the cash register. As you’re leaving, he turns to greet the other customer who was behind you. So, as you’re walking out, you realise that guy who served you, wasn’t mute and you’re wondering, didn’t I just pay for something and isn’t the guy behind me paying for the same thing? Why did I receive the CSSA (Crappy Service, Stinking Attitude). Baffled and hot under the collar, you swear, you’ll never want to return to this god forsaken shop. As time goes by, every so often, you pass by the shop, it is teeming with customers and this science becomes even more bewildering and unfathomable.

Albert Einstein once said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  Receiving CSSA treatments in shops as well as life, led me to contemplate Mr. Einstein’s statement. People who are dishing out CSSA are the people who live life as though nothing is a miracle. Do you want to be in that category ?  I want to be in the category that lives life as though EVERYTHING is a miracle.  In that attitude, I somehow feel that it matters not how others are treating me, because that is a reflection of them. And so, my actions or reactions should not be determined by their actions. I am who I am and that should be reflected in my treatment of others. That’s in life, though, where I’m not paying for services.

Where I’m paying for services, it matters how I am treated. I hope, service in K.L. will improve before they are being forced to improve.  Somehow, an economic crisis is always the impetus for customer service improvement. May we not not need that to change the way customers are being treated here.


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