Catch of the day … Not…

It’s been aaaagggges since I’ve been to Dome and frankly, I don’t think I’d have the urge to pay a visit. Don’t get me wrong, the service was alright, nothing wrong in that department.

It was the food I ordered. Yep, you guessed it, I ordered The Catch of the Day. There’s really only one word that popped into my mind upon tasting this dish ; salty. Definitely not worth the RM26. I wondered if the quality of this dish was standard across all Domes? There were also a lot of people there, perhaps the quality of other dishes were much better than the one I chose? Perhaps.

In the initial weeks when Padi in Sri Petaling opened, I tried their Seafood Marinara. I was definitely surprised. It was extraordinary! The fish was seared perfectly, sauce – tasty and spaghetti al dante. For the price of around RM15, I had never expected such a beautiful tasting dish. It was Mama mia! (complete with the hand signal) It was so good that I continued to order this dish when I went there the next two times. But the next two visits, the dish did not taste as great as the first time. In fact, the quality of the dish dropped with each subsequent visit. Where did the chef, who made my first Seafood Marinara, go? The quality of food in a lot of restaurants in KL, fluctuate. Something that tastes real good the first time you had it, does not mean that it’ll taste equally good the next time you go there. The probability of the dish tasting worse is pretty high. But the crowd remains.

This is something I find extremely strange in K.L. I’ve always assumed that when there are a lot of people lining up to buy something, the food must be absolutely extraordinary. OK even if not extraordinary, at the very least, tasty. And sad to say, the crowd is a misleading indicator. Many times, the food turned out to be nothing extraordinary, not even tasty. So why do KL people throng to certain places ? I seriously have no idea…. Is this the case in your country?


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