Ipoh – must eat

Every time I go back to Ipoh, I must, must, must have Hakka Mee at this particular stall. It’s not that K.L. doesn’t have hakka mee, but the hakka mee in K.L. are a totally different dish altogether. A mere 2 hours away, are KL hakka different from Ipoh hakka ? Does anybody know the answer to this riddle? Which is the authentic hakka noodle or is there a more authentic one somewhere else?

Anyhow, if you do head up to Ipoh, this is a must try. The noodles are cooked to perfection and drizzled with tasty savoury sauce. When you bite into it, you can feel the elasticity of the noodles in your mouth.

The most deliecious hakka noodle ever !


Besides the noodles, the star of the meal is their chilly and garlic sauce. The noodles and the chilly sauce are a perfect match to each other. You simply cannot have one without the other ! Writing about this just makes my mouth water… :P~~ The best thing is that the jars of chilly sauce and the garlic sauce are placed on the table.  You can scoop as much as you like !  Heavenly !!

The perfect match !


You can then order some fish ball, meat ball, toufoo etc to go with the noodles.

The brinjals here were fried beautifully !

And finally, meet the lady who’s responsible for the ultra amazing hot smoking dish !!

The owner creating her masterpiece




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