Ipoh – must eat 2

My relatives introduced me to something new. Well, it’s not a new dish and I’ve had this dish many times in KL, except the one in KL comes in a claypot.

Seafood noodles ! This stall, if I heard correctly, is located near Sri Maju Bus Station.

Lots of fresh seafood ingredients. The one particular thing I like about this dish is that she throws in cuttlefish tentacles. The freshness of the seafood is a plus point definitely, who would want to eat a bowl of seafood noodle that is just borderline freshness? So freshness IS expected. The adding of the cuttlefish tentacles was not… not for me at least. The crunchiness of the cuttlefish tentacles really consummates this dish.

see the cuttlefish tentacles ?

With 2 big prawns, fish paste, cuttlefish tentacles, the price of RM8.50, is well worth the eat !

eat your heart out

The Kopi-O Bing (iced black coffee) was great too !  Aromatic coffee with the right amount of sweetness topped with a sufficient number of ice cubes. The weather in Ipoh was hot, hotter than KL. So the drink REALLY hit the spot.


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