Vegetarian – T&C

Sometimes being a vegetarian is pretty difficult, not that I am a vegetarian but there are times, I choose to be. It’s not that there are a lack of vegetarian stalls, well maybe in some areas there are. The difficulty lies in finding a vegetarian stall that is tasty and cheap (T&C – not terms and conditions !) Some stalls are cheap but not tasty and vice versa. When you find a place with both, it’s like finding a treasure chest !

I’ve been having noodles from this stall for quite a number of years and I would put this on my list of T&C. She sells ‘ fish head vermicelli ‘ and ‘tom yam curry noodles’. I normally have fish head flat rice noodles instead of vermicelli. The combination sounds kinda weird, and after all, the name of the dish IS ‘fish head vermicelli, so one should order as per its name. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the combination. The smoothness of the flat rice noodles combined with the silky taste of the milk in the soup…. double the smoothness ! It practically slides itself down my throat !

Sometimes, I find a piece of salty sour plum in the soup, which of course, is an added bonus. And that is the day that I would clean up the bowl ! But that doesn’t mean without the plum, I wouldn’t clean up the bowl.


What more can I say? RM4.50 Tasty and Cheap, without a doubt.

The owner & her stall !

The stall is located in the coffee shop, right next to the BHP Petrol station in Taman Connaught, Cheras.

Coffee shop next to BHP Petrol station, Taman Connaught


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