Invisible me

Not totally I guess….. lucky me? At the LRT station I waited in line to get a copy of a Chinese paper distributed by a very courteous man. Almost always, he’d be dishing out his good mornings and thank you along with each paper. It was really weird for me today. Right when it was my turn, he kept his mouth shut, though he did give me the paper. The minute he had to serve the person behind me, I heard him greet that person. So, I know I was seen but ignored.

Leaving the LRT station, on the way to work, there was a lady in uniform distributing something. I couldn’t quite tell what it was. She gave a piece to the lady in front of me. As I was walking, I looked intently at the piece of sample held by the lady. Salonpas ! I could use one to soothe this tired and aching body. Lucky me, there was another lady distributing more samples. Unlucky for me, she moved towards the lady in front of me, who had gotten her free sample earlier, and gave her ANOTHER free sample ! This must be the motto of sample distributors, give unto those who already have and none to those who have none !

It’s just one of those days….. or perhaps I’m neither a friend nor an enemy…..


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