We are good at ……

1) …. cramming into lifts that are going up, even though we want to go down. This is because if we don’t do this, when the lift returns to our floor on the way down, it will be filled with people from the floors above. So to ensure our spaces in the lift, we cram into the lifts first when it is on the way up.  We don’t care if the people, who are already in the lift, who want to exit the lift in the floors above. They will just have to wriggle their way out and announce their exit with various versions of ‘excuse me’, ‘escuse me’, ‘axescuce me’, ‘scuce’.

2) …..blocking the lift / lrt / train  or any damn entrances. This is because we want to be the first to enter when the door opens as it might be packed and only one or two people can squeeze in. It’s just gotta me who can squeeze in ! We don’t care if there are people who might want to exit the lift. The lift door is wide enough for me to enter and you to exit at the same time. I enter in the middle and you exit in the wee little space left by me.

3) …… chatting / shouting / laughing out loud nonstop in the lift on the way up or down to our destination. This is because this is the only time and place we can chat / shout / laugh out loud. We don’t care if the lift is an enclosed space and other people are bombarded by our voices.  It is precisely the enclosed space that we love, it is the only time we can hear ourselves speak / shout / laugh !  We do sound good ! and no it’s not noise pollution.

How is the lift taking experience in your country ?


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