If there was a lesson that was being taught consistently since last week, it is the lesson of being discriminated against.  Being ignored, not being given what others were given, the machine eating up my coins, almost falling because of a hole in the pavement and an inconsiderate neighbour who dumped their freshly cut grass into the drain, at precisely the spot which blocked the flow of our drain.  I felt marginalised, discriminated even bullied. Life was bullying me. It was frustrating. I constantly questioned myself, why am I being treated this way? Why can’t I be treated like other people? Why can I be given the same service / thing as other people were given?

Then, it dawned on me.  I was asking the wrong questions. Questioning the wrong things in life. Do I merely want what other people have? That would mean I would fall into the same category as the other people. The majority of people do not win the lotto jackpot, do I want to have the same result as they do?  That would be ridiculous. So why am I feeling that I’m being discriminated?  I’m being singled out….. for something, for sure.  Thank you for the lesson ! 🙂  Feeling much better now.


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