Reaping the harvest

guan yin 13You reap what you plant. If you planted melon seeds you will reap melons, if you planted bean seeds, you will reap beans. You can’t plant papaya seeds and expect to reap mangoes ! So whatever you are experiencing now, you have planted this seed in your alaya consciousness, which, because of affinity, has the opportunity to grow and flower. If the conditions had not been right, if there wasn’t any affinity, the seed would stay dormant. Since time immemorial, we have planted both good and bad karmic seeds in our alaya consciousness. Question is which one did we plant more of? The majority of us take a short time in learning bad habits and a long time to acquire good habits. It’s obvious which kind of seed we have planted more of. Sad isn’t it? To know that we have planted considerably more bad karmic seeds than good ones. The probability of a bad seed flowering must be pretty high. However, we can control the type of seed that flowers.

Through affinity, as that is the water that encourages the seed to grow. Cut of bad and evil affinities while cultivating good affinities. Even though we have bad karmic seeds in our alaya consciousness, they do not have the chance to grow as I’ve cut off the water that makes it grow. Thus, allowing us to avoid reaping the bad harvests. When my good seeds ripen, the good shall be harvested first. The best affinity to water the good seeds is Buddha recitation.

Promise yourself that you will water those good seeds in your alaya consciousness with Buddha recitation every day. May you be happy and well. 🙂


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