What explains ….

dog 1When something comes, it comes in torrents.  When it doesn’t come, not even an atom of it appears.  I’ve often noticed that an empty restaurant stays empty until a person or a group of people patronizes and moments later, a flood of people will enter the restaurant.  Did the first group of people act as a magnet that drew the subsequent crowd?   A single woman who has no pursuer will probably not have any pursuer for the time being. Until the time that she suddenly finds herself with one pursuer that is most likely when she will find herself being the target of a second pursuer! It’s kinda like ants I suppose, where there is sugar, you will not only find one ant.  Are we really just animals ?  Do we just follow the animal instincts in all us ? Do we not know how to tell what it is that we really want in life or are we just creatures with the herd mentality ?

Perhaps not. Some days, I get treats from my friends and colleagues. It’s funny because on the day that I get a treat from someone, I would usually get another or a few more treats from other people. However, on the days that I do not receive any treats from anyone, I normally don’t get any other treats for the entire day. I don’t think I can use the herd mentality to explain this. Maybe, it’s an aura that surrounds a thing or a person that attracts the people to a place, to do something, to a person.  How does the aura come about ?  Is it really just what you think ? Can you just force a thought and change your aura?

Feng Shui can explain and fix the aura of a place whilst luck and destiny can explain the aura of a person.  The Chinese have a saying, for a person the most important factor is destiny, second is luck, third is feng shui, fourth is accumulating hidden merits and goodness and fifth is education.  Everyone is born with a destiny.  There is a timing for everything hence explaining why when something comes, it comes batches.  When the timing is not right, most of what you do to try to reach your aim is probably a waste of effort. And if you take the failures seriously, I would not too surprised if you decide to take your life.  Take Psy for example. He has been doing what he has been doing all along, with a result that was perhaps negligible to the world at least.  Not many people in the world knew him prior to Gangnam Style.  What explains his sudden shot to stardom? The sharing of his song and video on Youtube? Don’t tell me that his other songs weren’t shared on Youtube ? What explains the sudden hotness of Korean Dramas years ago which created a rippled effect for all things Korean?

So, if you’re having a hard time now, know that years ago, you didn’t have a hard time and know that the hard time will soon pass. If you’re having a great time now, know that this too shall pass and the hard times are likely to come.  There’s economic boom and economic bust and life’s like that too.  This is destiny.  However, destiny is not set in stone and it can be changed.


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