If only ….

When bad things happen, we tend to ask ourselves why and state if only I had done this or that, this wouldn’t have happened.  Thinking in linear terms doesn’t exactly help one feel better because no one can turn back time and no one can know for sure, if one had not taken that action the result would have been better.  Perhaps by taking an alternative action, the result could have been worse?  Perhaps this was the best scenario where harm has been mitigated to its least? In karmic terms, one will have to experience the ripening of karmic seeds. You just can’t escape from experiencing the ripening of the karmic seed, but you can cut down its impact in your life, through mindfulness, performing good deeds and prayers.  Only then it become easier to count your blessings and relieve your heart and mind from the hatred and pain that is caused by the tragedy. So ask not ‘If only’, but say so ‘It could have been worse’

When luck is low, pray so that the mind is mindful and clear. When luck is high, pray so that the mind is mindful and clear.  Only then will we not become emotional.  Samadhi is the key to making sure that karmic seeds stay as seeds. Emotions and impulses are the keys to the ripening of karmic seeds.  Mindfulness allows one to be aware of the emotions and the impulses experienced by one as it occurs. With that knowledge, one can nip the emotions in the bud and prevent the further ripening of the seed. Be with the moment.

let go

May all beings be well and happy.  May you be mindful of all your actions and thoughts.


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