Replace the reverse sensor

I narrowly escaped being hit by a reversing car while crossing the road. The thing was, the car, after turning into the lane, wasn’t supposed to reverse and park at the corner where I was crossing. The driver didn’t even know he almost hit me. But I guess that didn’t matter because this is Malaysia.

In the second incident I was actually pushed by the reversing car, though lightly, but that doesn’t make it ok. I can only say, I was lucky that it was just a slight push. What’s worse was that car actually had a reverse sensor and yet he still reversed his car despite the sensor alerting him of an object behind. So I hit his boot with my umbrella twice to alert him to stop. Trust me, in a split second I really wanted to give it a few more whacks. He didn’t even get out of the car to apologise or to see if I was ok. Perhaps you may think that he didn’t see me, but he did, because when he parked his car at the side of the curb, I was facing his oncoming car. I couldn’t walk on the curb because the dvd stall took over the curb. After walking a distance away, he finally came out of his car, smiling. The cheek of that guy…. I was boiling inside…how could he… but then again, i guess this doesn’t matter because this is Malaysia.

The reverse sensor should not beep, it should not allow the vehicle to reverse at all, should there be an object behind. I suppose if it works this way, one easily traps the car driver…. oh well….

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more insecure living in Malaysia than now, as much as I hate to admit it. I do love this country for where it is located and for what it has. But the people in it are just……. or perhaps it’s just plain bad luck for me to encounter 2 similar incidents in a weekend. Of course, something worse happened in the same weekend too which just pushed my depression further into the abyss. Perhaps it’s not the country and its people, it’s just my bad luck.

It could have been worse.

rainbow 1


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