The First Time is still The Best

Feb 13 2012 I posted about the tantalizing seafood noodle. About 2 years later, Feb 2 2014, I went back again to relive that experience.  Well, that is never possible isn’t it?  It’s either better than or worse than the first time, usually it’s worse. Here in Malaysia anyways. Conditions change and how could one ever expect things to stay the same ? One doesn’t even get to taste the same taste of a McD burger every single time one buys one, let alone the humble hawker that has become ultra busy nowadays.

We waited quite a while for our noodles. One must be patient, if one were to be served good food and this is probably the law you don’t want to push lest you want a dish of crap to come to your table. That was my expectation.  I was somewhat disappointed as the only prawn in my bowl was soft and I tasted no freshness in it.  As opposed to the first time, when it was crunchy, springy and fresh.  Maybe the crowd was too much for the cook to handle. The cuttlefish tentacles managed to retain the flavour and texture of the first time, this is still at its best. The rest of the ingredients were just okay, nothing much I would shout about, just the taste is not quite the same as before.  I guess it’s like taking drugs? The first time, is always the best and then it kinda disappoints in some aspect or another. That’s why we often recall our first kiss, our first love, our first damn everything good and compare them with the ones that follow. I wonder why we don’t compare our first bads…. ?

The price, was kinda the first shocker prior to placing the order.  Back in 2012, the price of a bowl of seafood noodle with two prawns was RM8.50 and with one prawn you only had to pay RM7.00.  Today in 2014, a mere two years, a double prawn seafood noodle will set you back by RM12.00.  Yep, a 41% hike.  A single prawn seafood noodle costs RM10.00, a 42.85% increase.  Darn, I should have had the double prawn seafood noodle, less price hike you know.  But then again, I would have had twice the disappointment in the prawn department. I guess I’ll let that thought go.  Still, with that, you can see the inflation that is happening in Malaysia and mind you, Ipoh is not a particularly developed city, like KL, though developments are happening.  It’s still a place where people would like to retire to.  The hike in prices are caused by the herds that enter the city, particularly whenever there’s time off. Folks from other states, drive to Ipoh armed with their GPSs and recommendations from bloggers for the good food.  So it has become pretty difficult to visit old time coffee shops for a cuppa and a simple meal.  Yes, the prices have been shoved up by the aliens of Ipoh.  And the prices of food in K.L. have pushed up by ….  (will someone please tell me who the culprit(s) is / are?)  Feb 1 2014, I had a place of Char Kuey Teow in Taman Midah, Cheras.  This old lady, dishes out exceptionally fine Char Kuey Teow as every single place she fries, has the fire and ommph a plate of Char Kuey Teow needs.  This is the one thing that makes great fried noodles and great fried rice, where the flames of cooking are well controlled and you can taste the strength of the fire in the cooking. Today, one plate costs RM6.00. A few months ago, I had a plate of Char Kuey Teow in a corner coffee shop opposite the Honda Showroom (I think it’s still there) in Jalan Imbi, the heart of KL city. It was already RM6 for a plate there.  And frankly, it wasn’t half as good as our aunty in Taman Midah, right smack in front of Magnum 4d outlet. So, dare I complain?  The price hike wasn’t as much as the seafood noodle, and the standard of her food, doesn’t vary as much. She’s definitely the masterchef of Fried Kuey Teow.

Is this just inflation, super inflation, hyper inflation? May the standard and price of a seafood noodle in Ipoh, remain the same as today. Yes, I do intend to give it another chance, if I am still around.  Do your wishes ever come true? For everyone’s sake, I hope mine does….  Let us wish upon some stars …..shall we ?



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