Revenge must be sweet….

cat7Whenever I hear other people talking to their maid, I hear you talking to me. The commands ….  the tone of your voice.  I am not frustrated at doing things for you, I am just frustrated how you made it seem like it is my job and my work to serve you.  Whenever I forget to do something, degradation and personal criticisms are not necessary.  After that, you stood up and refilled your own tea several times, then you walked away.  Since in the past I’ve walked away resulting your loss of face and ego, I accept that today you walked away. You took revenge and gave me a taste of my own medicine.  It’s ok.  I understand.

In the past, you commented on how people stare at their smart phones and tablets when they are having a meal together.  Today, you are doing the same thing.  You asked me to have dinner with you. Yet, I sit there at the table while you stare at your tablet and fiddle with it.  What is the point of having dinner at all?  I might as well eat alone and you might as well eat with your tablet.  I learned, when making comments, ensure that one is in the same position as the other.  Today, I am complaining about the difficulty and frustration of  having to eat a meal with a person engrossed with their tablets.  Could this be because I don’t have a tablet?  Could it be you commented about other people and their tablets in the past because you didn’t have one? Human beings are very amusing.  I hope in the future, if I do ever have a tablet, I do not find it necessary to eat with it.

If you dislike and hate me so much, why don’t you stay away from me?  Could it be you’re taking revenge on me? May we never need to have a meal together anymore, to avoid all the conflicts we have been having. May you find the person who is right for you and know how to treat you properly, if you haven’t yet found her. And if the right person is indeed beside you, I wish you both happiness, love and success in your dreams.



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