Detach from him

247582_206087859428350_100000814112588_522874_6648015_n“Why did you sleep so early?”

“I’m not feeling well…”

“Why are you telling me that?”

To be questioned why I was telling him I was not feeling well was a painful thing to accept.  That was on Saturday night.  Up until today, I haven’t accepted it yet and it still hurts.  Why can’t I accept that this person does not care for me? Even when you tell a friend that you are not feeling well, the friend would probably respond with a kind statement like, take care and rest more.

I’m expected to care for and sacrifice my schedule to standby to serve you when you are not well, but when I expressed that I was not well, in explaination of not having answered your incessant phone calls, you questioned why I was telling you that?  How ridiculous is that?  Why can’t I let go of you, who hurt me time and again ?

I’m way too attached to this person and I need to detach.  How?



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