What is the universe trying to tell me?


Too much stuff !  Too much stuff !  I have simply wound up with too much too much things that I didn’t use but fear that one day I might use.  A long time ago, a friend told me, only the poor wound up with lots of things in their house because they can’t bear to part with their stuff.  Today, that is me.  Having to move has created suffering in me and its driving me up the wall !  If I were moving to a bigger place, moving may not  cause such reluctance and I’d be happy, I guess.

Still thinking negatively about the future.  I saw some people sleeping on the streets today.   I fear that I might end up like them.  And I don’t want that….. who the heck desires that anyways.  Most people were forced into it, be it the fault of others or themselves.  The fear envelops my mind and causes panic.

Every time I encounter termites in my living quarters, within a few months, I’d be directed to move. This is definitely a sign that I have too much unnecessary stuff and the termites have come to eat them all up.  Take them away from my life.  So now, although I’ve moved most of the rubbish to the smaller room, I ought to continue to scale down and stop adding to the pile. Hence, after moving into the smaller room, I have to do some serious housekeeping.  Sigh…..



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