Been in the new place for 2 weeks now. Things are still in a mess in the teeny tiny room I am in. Can’t seem to organise, don’t know where to begin to organise, unwilling to organise. I’ve got to get rid of more things otherwise, I’ll be carrying these burdens in my life. Yet, it’s so bloody hot in the room, I just find it hard to do any work in organising. Okay, so it might not be the heat that is stopping me from doing what I don’t wanna do. The heat ain’t stopping me from blogging, something which I wanna do. It’s all excuses after excuses.

2 incidents today, made me realise there are some people around me with small minded pettiness. It’s disappointing and disgusting that after 7 years or so, money is being requested from me, for the things that I don’t think I should be responsible for. Having extended conveniences to her for so long, I didn’t expect this treatment. In retrospect, I am thankful to her for taking me in as a tenant, at a cheap price, when I needed a room the most. For that, I will pay what needs to be paid. I hope by doing this, I will strike off one person in my next life that I am indebted to. After all, we are here in this world to repay debts or collect debts of past lives. So thank you for allowing me to clear this debt. I hope that I am able to clear the rest asap. The other incident, well, it’s a territorial thing I suppose. I can’t put any stuff outside of my room. guan yin 3Sigh….

I have decided to take a different approach to all the unfairness in my life. It’s all down to perception isn’t it? In the past, I would stew, brood and sulk over all the unfairness that have been dumped onto me and I would complain and complain….mind you I’m still complaining 😛 But I won’t stew, brood and sulk over it anymore. I will do my best to settle them despite the ‘perceived’ unfairness and I will remain contented. Negative emotions are toying with my mind and disturbing my focus. We come with nothing but our karmic debts and we leave with nothing but our karmic debts. May my wisdom be increased and mind strengthened. May I be able to control my emotions and settle as many debts as I can this year.  With gratitude, Guan Yin.


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