Blamed and Cursed

Being blamed and cursed is no fun obviously. What’s worse is that the person doing the cursing has said that nobody has avoided his curses, and they have all had something bad happen to them, including me.  What I thought were bouts of bad luck, were apparently, his doing. So it’s kinda like the hijackers I guess, the mastermind has claimed his ownership to being the perpetrator of my bad luck.

Guan Gong statue in Yan Shui Village, Tainan County, Taiwan

Today, I was blamed and cursed again by someone who is supposedly close but yet very patronising, so much so that I find it difficult to be close to anymore. The more he knows, the more reasons he can come up with when he vents his anger, the more threats he can make.  I was cursed to face troubles, to fail and all things bad to come my way.  Should anything bad happen to me, these are, perhaps my final words.  Am I afraid? How can I say I am not ? However, I have not done anything with the slightest intention of harming him, I have just not gone all the way in doing some things for him because I reckon he should do it himself, rather than pushing me to deal with it on his behalf.  I am of course, also blamed for his circumstances right now. I single-handedly drove him to where he is today.  What can I possibly say, except, I never ever thought I was so powerful. Without me, circumstances would be rosier I suppose.  This of course has been said many times, and so, I have attempted to stay hands off in many things, but in the end, somehow, I get roped in to deal with it again. Why? Why? Why? When I am the reason, the cause of your situation, why continue with it? Without me, your situation will be better, without me, the skies will be clearer, and the world is a better place for you.  I must face this with intrepidity and not recoil with the slightest threat on my life, so dear bodhisattvas and gods, if you do find that his curses and blames are valid, so be it.  May I, alone, be forever silenced. Let me die alone, as all of us do.  Given my circumstances, I have dealt with my situation to the best of my abilities.  I know I have wronged many, and owed, still owing many.  It will be repaid in the lives beyond, karma will see to that.  I apologise for your interminable wait.

May he be well and happy without the presence of me. May all be well and happy. Farewell.  This is the ACCEPTANCE of blames and curses. Do I really want to do that?  What can I possibly do, if I don’t want to accept the blames and curses anymore?



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