dalai lama emotions

God damn it. I need to get away, be away and stay away from you but yet, the more I want to get away, the more I think about you.  it’s like an addiction, you know it’s bad for you, as much as you want to stop it, you just can’t.  Is this what they call karmic ties, karmic debts ?  It has to be.  Emotions tie you into this world, therefore, emotions are the major catalyst in conditions that allow destiny to happen.  Without emotions, one would not “fall in love” with another, one would not not bear to part with another, one would not be afflicted with the pains of life.  Neither would one be able to taste the happiness of life for you’ve got to have the other side to the coin, if you were to have the coin. Should that be a big concern ?  After all, there is more bitterness in life than sweetness.  Why go through all that bitterness to taste the sweetness that lasts all but a third, quite possibly less than a third of the period of bitterness ?

If we are able to take charge and be in control of our emotions, destiny will have to step aside. This is one of the ways of changing one’s destiny, changing the outcome.  Many couples, family members and friends ‘accidentally’ hurt or kill each other.  In heated verbal exchange, both parties are blinded by their emotions. It is the emotions that are acting out.  Allowing emotions to take over our mind is crippling, devastating and quite possibly fatal.

ImageSo anger is particularly damaging and equally damaging to both parties. But that doesn’t mean that other afflictive emotions are not just as damaging.


Remember this today, as long as you are emotional, destiny is in play.   You do have a choice.




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