Karmic Forces Do Exist


It’s funny how there’s always that ONE person in your life who can disturb the dynamics of your thoughts, throw a spanner in the works of your life, make you fantasize, make you depressed, make you all jumbled up.  I know blame is not the way to go and I’ve stopped blaming for a while, until now, because I keep getting blamed for the wrongs in his life.  And when I am not the target of blame, somebody else is.  For all the complaints that have been hurled onto me, I’ve witnessed these actions done onto me by the same complaining person.  Many a times I wanted to laugh, to say to that person, you’ve done that to me numerous times, and now you’re feeling the heat, do you understand now ?  But I couldn’t bring myself to say that, I just couldn’t. Instead I felt sorry for this person, who cannot see the lesson he should learn.


That makes me question the lessons that I should see but cannot see.  We often are blind to our faults, even if the same lesson comes hitting us right in the face. The blind spot is extremely stubborn.  But through seeing the lives of others, we acknowledge, karma does happen and is happening in our lives.  We have chosen not to recognise nor acknowledge it.  It’s time we examine the patterns that are happening in our lives and trust that whatever is happening in our lives has an equivalent cause to it.



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