May the force be with you

the force

Have you had days when whatever you want to do, you feel a certain force going against you ?  ‘You’ have put yourself onto a pedestal and made yourself into a King, as if the entire world has to conspire to allow you to do whatever you want, conveniently. When I was walking towards my car, there were no other cars driving past.  But the minute I wanted to reverse my car, all of a sudden, there was a string of cars.  WTH ?  I was stuck in a slow crawling traffic, as the outer most lane seemed to be moving faster, I switched lanes.  Whaddya know, just when I wanted to switch lanes, Iwas blocked by strings of motorcycles whizzing between my lane and the right lane.  So I had to wait.  After a difficult wait to switch lanes, I finally did it. Right after doing so, the lane I was in started moving along faster than the lane I switched into.  By this time, I was boiling inside.  Frustration welled up inside me, I could feel the anger in my breath filling up my lungs poisoning my body and my soul.

It seems that the force is against me, denying me of what I want.  In the end, with frustration, anger and depression, I …. become my own obstacle.  How do I make use of the force ? By doing away with the high expectations and accepting what is ? How do I improve my situation by accepting what is ? I need to find the key to using the force…..

cat jump


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