wordsCan you see the word in the title ?  I heard about that from a Bernie Siegal interview.  Can you see the word ‘swords’ among the bunch of ‘words’?  Put many words together, they have the potential to be swords used to cut, hurt and kill you.

destro dog“I will destroy you !”  said he, with a huge amount of vengeance.  How many times have we heard it in the movies, shows and think nothing of it but entertainment and how evil or how justified those words seem to be.  My heart palpitated, my head dizzy from fear.  Oh no, my life is over….what am I to do ?  How can this person say this to me ?  Just because I was slow to reply as I was wondering on which angle to answer the question, I was told I was rubbish.  So, I reacted by merely admitting I’m rubbish.  In turn, that was the answer I got.  Overwhelming fear and sadness pierced my heart swiftly.  All I could think of was ending this life myself.  What’s the point of being here, as a piece of rubbish for someone to incinerate, as a scapegoat for someone to blame, More importantly, why give him the pleasure of destroying me when I can destroy myself.  Why give him that pleasure…. 







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