Who are you ?


How is it that it happened with such perfect timing ?  You must be controlling incidents to make a mockery out of me while you stand by the side, laughing and snickering from the pleasures you derived from watching me being pushed around.  The minute I parked my car behind the row of parked cars, I knew, even if it was for a short while to take away some dinner, before I could be done, one of the owners of the row of parked cars would want to reverse their car and leave.  Still, I brushed that aside and believed in the possibility of that not happening.  And just when I wanted to pay for my dinner, the inevitable honk came.  So I ran out of the store to move my car.  Unlike many around, who would usually finish their business before moving their cars, I simply could not bear to do that, for it is not my intention to be an obstacle to anyone.  I apologised by the waver of my hand and moved my car forward.  As I was getting out of my car, I noticed I had parked in a spot where the next car had wanted to reverse and leave.  I just couldn’t believe it.  So I got into my car and reversed my car to allow them to reverse their car.  Then, I got down from my car.  Lo and behold, a bespectacled man said he wanted to reverse his car to leave !  I questioned the possibility of this ridiculous incident happening. So for the third time, I moved my car, this time into the space where the second car was. 

What was the possibility of being pushed around like a pinball by these 3 drivers ?  What had I done wrong to be taken for a fool ?  Who are you ?  Why are you controlling the forces to kick me around ? I fumed and festered that anger within me.  In I went to the stores and paid for my dinner, all in 2 minutes I was out again.  Prior to this incident, cars cut into my lane suddenly as if it was their right.  They didn’t bother lining up like everybody else and instead decided to cut the line closer to the traffic lights.  Consequently, the lights turned red just when I reached them.  So the line cutters sailed off to their destination swiftly and smoothly.  It was as if, the entire day, all had conspired to slow me down, to slow down my journey. It isn’t just today, it has been happening pretty often.  pushed around

Who are you ? 


Why are the forces with you and against me ?  Why are you doing this to me ? You want to see me frustrated, blow my top, sabotage myself, maybe kill myself eventually.  Why don’t you just kill me now, kill me this instant. Take me, take my life, for I have nothing more to give but life.  So today, it’s like the world is against me.  I feel it very strongly and I am very tired.  I broke down at the forces against me.  I want to give up and I say you win.  But then I came across this quote below.

forces against

So now this is what I say to you, whoever you are.  I shall overcome you.

dog cat tongue




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