A weak spot


Something is going on with my mind. It feels like an out of focus camera that is unable to focus. It appears to want to wander on its own, to leave and I’m constantly fighting to maintain focus when doing one thing. It’s kinda better when I multitask, then I feel that I don’t have to make an effort in calling it back. Watching a movie is good at keeping the mind focus but I can’t keep watching movies the entire day, though I would like to do that. People talking irritates my mind a lot. I am having trouble with that, especially when the space is enclosed.  I don’t understand why people must talk in the lift and they talk like the other person is at the end of the room. People talking behind me drive me crazy too !  I have been really feeling the weakness of my mind and I am feeling frustrated.

Could it be because I’ve missed two days of prayers ? and many days of dedication ? Are the spirits playing with my mind or are they trying to to communicate with me that they need more prayers ? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it ? No, I am not hearing voices, nor am I seeing things. I just feel a weakness in my mind……

I have to start praying again…..


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