A night to Ruminate

dark clouds

What are the odds that 3 airline disasters in a year are linked to 1 country ? Bad luck has befallen upon Malaysia is a common discussion thread in many sites. This resonates with the cantonese saying ‘yan yao sam shui lok wong‘ (人有三衰六旺).  I think this translates into a person has three bad luck periods and six good luck periods. 

As we face the transition into a new year tonight, we need to reflect on 2014.  Not just by commenting that 2014 was a  year of disasters and hoping that 2015 will be a better and disaster-free year, but by looking at our attitudes and priorities.  Have we judged people and situations too readily ?  Were we too narrow-minded in our views ?  Have we been too concerned about materiality ?  What were our priorities ?  Who were our priorities ? Were our intentions self-centered ? Have we been unappreciative of all the little things and people in life ?  There should be no new year celebration tonight, it should be a night of prayer and reset of the mind.

I feel that when our priorities and concerns have been wrong, God or a higher power will let you know.  And it is usually through disasters that a nation, a family, a unit unites.  We need to shift our focus from food, racial and individual differences and selfish concerns to spiritual growth and unity.  There’s probably too much of a cacophony of human voices that pushed God to let us know that there is a higher power around.  Education materials should be geared and tailored to train young people to look for similarities rather than differences.

bear reflect

Make tonight a night of reflection and prayer, and know truly tomorrow will be a year of new beginnings.



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