Trust in the Universe

imageThere’s a common saying – when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Have you been in a situation whereby the teacher is ready, the student does not appear.  Perhaps the teacher isn’t ready, that’s why the student doesn’t appear….

You’d think when something has been happening continually for the past 10 years, you’d be used to it by now. Unfortunately, no matter how many times an arrow hits you, the period of healing makes the next arrow hurt the same, if not more.

The self doubts obviously. Am I such a useless bugger ? Am I so pathetic?  This is beyond my control. Am I making an excuse?  I’ve tried my best at doing what I am capable of doing yet the result just doesn’t commiserate with the efforts put in.

All I can do now is to trust in the Universe that this is part of a bigger plan. That the waning of something is the beginning of something better, something more beautiful, something that would solve my current problems.

In that I have to trust.


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