Be a rock be a rubber ball

Business may slide, earnings may drop but don’t let your confidence drop too. Know that you have that ability in you to find other ways to get through the downturn. Know that if you try your very best in every situation, there will be no regrets, whatever may come.


Others may may take the opportunity to degrade and belittle what you do. Perhaps that makes them feel better about their success though I am not quite sure why. What others say, let them say for they do not know your story. Be clear that you are genuine in your help and service in what you are doing. And if others should look snigger at your effort and look down on your sincerity in helping them, you be humble about it.

Keep coming back no matter how hard you get slapped, kicked and wacked. Bounce back like a rubber ball; bounce back until they are tired of slapping you around. Be resilient.

Be you for that is what makes you, you. There’s no other you, well unless you meet your doppelgänger.

Chin up and carry on. Face the world with your sincerity and love.


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